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Per Ben, until further notice, cease and desist using the CocoPhone network to send and receive messages. In addition, do not use the network to adjust the pylons or activate the 14-J alert.

Ben and I have business to take care for a few days. Further communications will follow in regards to use of the CocoPhone network.

Posted via Island Bulletin app for CocoPhone.

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All personnel should be prepared for an upcoming 2-3 day intensive. We will be reviewing combat and weapons training, and fully equipping all personnel with the necessary skills and understanding for appropriate and expedient use of our new technology. The reasons for the tech training should be blindingly obvious. As for the rest, Jacob calls on us to be ever vigilant and ever at the ready, which as our senior members know, necessitates such sessions from time to time.

In preparation for this upcoming session, Mikhail, Richard, and I will be dedicating our resources to curriculum building. I am designating Tom as temporary head of operations on the mainland and Col at the Hydra. Direct all mundane inquiries to them, and all emergency requests below level 11. Refer to the bylaws section 3 subsection A-1 with any questions as to procedure. 

Richard, Mikhail, and I need sheer focus to best design this intensive in accordance with Jacob's will. Heed Richard's bulletin regarding the CocoPhone network. Obey it to the letter. Disturb us at your own peril.

Alex, you are to stay with Ms. Klugh and complete any assignments she delegates to you. 

Aldo, YOU ESPECIALLY must cease texting Juliet immediately. She has been flexing her claws at you all morning.

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Richard, we must convene as soon as possible. We have a lot of work to do.